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Can't believe this song had to change so much!

2013-12-12 00:57:53 by EarthWarrior19

Get this, I had to upload the song, "The Last Mission" three freaking times in order for it to sound really good, here's why:

the first time I uploaded it, It had no bass, so that was some messed up shit. (I had the rhythm though) then I re-uploaded it, but one part of the song sounded really wrong, then finally I reuploaded it again, and it sounds a hell lot better than the first. You know what they say: Third time's the charm!

Tell me if you had to do the exact same thing on some of your songs. Isn't it true that just when you thought you uploaded what you did, then you had to make a few tweaks in order for it to sound exactly the way you want it? :P


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2013-12-12 18:08:52

It used to be the case for me, but it isn't often the case anymore. Only exceptions are —

1) Land of the Free (and its French counterpart, Terre des Hommes Libres)
2) Asperges Me
3) Letters from the Journey to Stonyhurst
4) Sleep Wrapped in Love

And reason I say this is because all four are going to get a studio-recorded version and improved instrumentals..... all for a CD release, so I can't afford to compromise on the quality.