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A Whole New Post

2013-12-16 22:17:46 by EarthWarrior19

I have deleted the two songs 'Technical Difficulty' and 'The Last Mission' because those are definitely not my greatest songs, but I do have more different songs that are easy to listen to, I hope you will like them as I will too since I created them.

P.S It's just that I rushed those two songs, and I hate when I have to rush things. :\ So, yeah...

Also, I will upload short songs leading up to my twentieth song, it's gonna be so awesome!

It's getting very close to Christmas, so I will also make a christmas song... :) Happy Holidays!!!


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2013-12-17 00:38:28

In My Opinion, I Think It's Always Best To Leave A Bad Song. In The End, If Someone Is Checking Out You're Content. It Can Show How Much You Have Improved Over Time. And It Gives A Lil (Imaginary) Scale On Which To Base How Good (Or Bad) You're Content Can Be. Not To Mention It Gives You're Profile Some More Detail c: